Friday, August 19, 2022

Stay, Pray, & Say

Almost a year ago I heard these words from God in my spirit, "If I ask you to stay would you?" In my mind, I answered, "Lord, that is a hard question." His question had to do with what is happening in the United Methodist Church and at that time, the formation of the Global Methodist Church. I was born and raised in the UMC and became a minister in 1974. My conversion and call to the ordained ministry were birthed during the early years of the charismatic movement. I am a conservative evangelical and theologically more in line with the more conservative Methodist churches, GMC, Free Methodist Church, etc. It was God's direct question to me that led to much prayer and soul-searching. Adding to the equation was my deep conviction that the Lord desires to bring a spiritual awakening and revival to the UMC. Although there are many who believe the same way, I have felt alone in my assignment to speak a prophetic evangelistic message to our denomination over the last nine months. I never gave the Lord an answer to his question and this morning a new word came up from my spirit, "Stay, Pray, & Say." Say what? Say, "Revival is coming to the UMC." These are prophetic words and they are "calling things that be not as though they were!" In March I went to the UK and made this decree in forty locations. I felt led to return to the places where the Methodist movement initiated with John and Charles Wesley and to intercede for a fresh movement in our midst. Out of a season of uncertainty, the Spirit is saying, "Prophesy and say, revival and spiritual awakening is coming to the United Methodist Church." This is my assignment, Stay, Pray, & Say.

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