Monday, December 28, 2020

How to Prepare

I began posting 6 years ago about the need to "Prepare" for difficult times ahead. Those times are here. Jesus referred to these times as "the beginning of sorrows." I don't feel that I am an alarmist but a realist. I am one who "sees" the present and also the days ahead. Biden said that this will be a dark winter and Trump said our best days are still ahead. I see both happening simultaneously. Faith says that darkness does not have the ability to suppress or to hold the light under its domain. Even in the midst of a dark winter the light of God overtakes the darkness. It is the beginning of sorrows and the beginning of the great awakening!

I was criticized for saying we need to store emergency food but I have not allowed criticism to stop me from telling people to prepare. I also believe that God will provide. As the old gospel song said, "God will take care of you, Through everyday o'er all the way. He will take care of you, God will take care of you." Which way is right? I believe both ways are right.
Here is my basic list of ways to practically prepare:
1. Food & water
2. Basic essentials
3. Alternative source of power
4. Alternative source of communication
5. Alternative ways to cook
6. Protective weapon
7. Full tank of gas in your vehicles
8. Alternative source of money (silver coins, gold)
9. Prepare to plant a small garden
10. Way to collect rainwater & purification tablets
11. Alternative method of transportation (bicycle)
Prayer life, Bible reading & study, inspirational books, CDs, small worship gatherings with neighbors.

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