Thursday, April 23, 2020

What is Going to Happen Beginning May 29th?

Many of us believed that Passover in April was, in reality, a true Passover because of the Coronavirus pandemic. On the original night of Passover, the Hebrew people applied the blood of a lamb on the doorposts of their shelters. They were sheltered-in-place as the plague of death moved through Egypt. The plague did not harm the Hebrew people but actually passed over their houses. During this Coronavirus pandemic, our faith in the blood of Jesus has been our covering as death continues to pass through the Earth. 

Could it be that in 36 more days we will experience a literal Pentecost such as the world has
not witnessed since the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago? That outpouring that occurred during the Jewish festival of Pentecost ushered in a great harvest of souls. It is my heartfelt belief that this Pentecost, which begins on the evening of May 29th, will be signified by a great ingathering of people turning to God and many supernatural signs throughout the Earth! A true Passover and a true Pentecost.

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