Saturday, January 26, 2019

Second Insight From God Meant it For Good: Diamond in the Rough

Joseph was God's diamond in the rough. He needed a lot of polishing before his time would come. But that is the way God sees each of us, diamonds that no one around us recognizes. It is what God sees that matters. (page 22)

The potential was inside Joseph but he was not ready to shine in service for God. Polishing off the rough spots takes time. The diamond is waiting inside but the preparation is necessary to prepare and release the jewel waiting to be revealed. So it is with every child of God; we are going to be used by God for His purposes when the time of preparation is completed. The preparation time feels like it will never end but God knows the perfect timing of readiness. Too often we quit and give up too soon. When this happens we short-circuit the process the Lord is using to polish off the rough spots. If we faint not we will be formed into the servant of God we were destined to become. 

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