Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Year of Challenges & Growth

2019 will be a year of many challenges. These words from Karol K. Truman can help guide you as you move forward day after day.

"There is a purpose for every challenge and every situation in which we find ourselves. THE PURPOSE IS FOR LEARNING AND GROWTH—and FOR GETTING TO KNOW WHO WE REALLY ARE. After attaining this frame of mind, we get to consciously choose how we will react, how we will manage, and what we will do with these challenges. The depth and width of the growth we experience will be determined by these choices. But even in the negative choice, we still experience consequences that will eventually bring us around to positive choices...or choices that bring positive results." Truman, Karol K. Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. Olympus Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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