Monday, December 17, 2018

When Smaller is Larger than Large

One of my spiritual mentors was Dr. Stan Beason. He pastored United Methodist churches in the North Alabama Conference before moving to Tulsa in 1981 to direct the Prayer Partner Program at the City of Faith Medical Center at ORU. He was pastoral counselor at Tulsa-First UMC and then pastored at Marietta from 1996 until officially retiring in 1998. The interesting fact about Stan's ministry at Marietta is that he requested that the Bishop send him to a small membership church with senior adults to end his pastoral ministry. Stan told me that those two years were his most rewarding years of ministry. He was on the staff of the First United Methodist Church of Tulsa and requested that he be sent to a small church made up of older members! Amazing turn of events.
The things we consider small and insignificant, God uses them to accomplish great things. Here are just some of the little things in the Bible along with God's principles concerning them.
The mustard seed in Matthew 13:31-32
The Lord’s approval of the widow who gave her last two coins in Mark 12:41.
The little boy’s lunch in John 6:9.
Mustard seed faith in Luke 17:6.
Small coin in fish's mouth to pay taxes in Matthew 17:27
Sparrow in Matthew 10:29-31

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