Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The God of a Second Chance

Remember these words I wrote last night?, "Tonight is special because I am purposing to forgive those who brought the hurt. I will say more about this as it unfolds." Well, things began to unfold during the night. I dreamed off and on all night and I kept hearing these words in my dreams, "I am the God of the second chance." When I awoke this morning I read these words from Susan Galey, "I believe God is preparing you and you are in transition for His plans." I agree with Susan. I believe by forgiving the ones who hurt me in 2006 the Lord is now giving me a second chance.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

God Meant it for Good

Tonight has been very special to me in so many ways. I had something happen to me back in 2006 that hurt me more than anything has ever hurt. The experience actually imprisoned my soul and for the past twelve years, I have been bound. I am listening to a program with Dr. R.T. Kendall speaking about genuine forgiveness to those who have hurt you. They may have meant what happened for evil but God meant it for good. I believe God has shown me that I must truly forgive these people in order to be set free. God meant it for good. Tonight this is being revealed to me. Tonight is special because I am purposing to forgive those who brought the hurt. I will say more about this as it unfolds.

Monday, December 17, 2018

When Smaller is Larger than Large

One of my spiritual mentors was Dr. Stan Beason. He pastored United Methodist churches in the North Alabama Conference before moving to Tulsa in 1981 to direct the Prayer Partner Program at the City of Faith Medical Center at ORU. He was pastoral counselor at Tulsa-First UMC and then pastored at Marietta from 1996 until officially retiring in 1998. The interesting fact about Stan's ministry at Marietta is that he requested that the Bishop send him to a small membership church with senior adults to end his pastoral ministry. Stan told me that those two years were his most rewarding years of ministry. He was on the staff of the First United Methodist Church of Tulsa and requested that he be sent to a small church made up of older members! Amazing turn of events.
The things we consider small and insignificant, God uses them to accomplish great things. Here are just some of the little things in the Bible along with God's principles concerning them.
The mustard seed in Matthew 13:31-32
The Lord’s approval of the widow who gave her last two coins in Mark 12:41.
The little boy’s lunch in John 6:9.
Mustard seed faith in Luke 17:6.
Small coin in fish's mouth to pay taxes in Matthew 17:27
Sparrow in Matthew 10:29-31

Dream of a Small Church with Senior Adults

Let me share a dream that I had one night last week. I dreamed that I was sent to be the pastor of a church which has nine members. All of the nine members were older senior adults. One said, "I wish you could have been here a year ago when we had 32 members but over the past year 23 died." Three women said, "We love to knit and we want to volunteer to be greeters at the front door each Sunday. We will sit in the vestibule and knit but when the door opens we will stop and stand to greet those coming in." I responded, "Yes, this is great and you may start this week!" End of the dream.