Monday, February 12, 2018

Recovering From Physical and Spiritual Surgery

Dear friends in Christ,
The last email that I sent to you was on January 31st and that was the last time you heard from me. Most of you did not know that I had some surgery the week before. I decided to not say anything about the surgery unless I was personally asked. Little did I know in advance that God would also do spiritual surgery in me. I tried to send you the morning devotional the day of the physical surgery on the 24th for one week but the spiritual surgery that week was more than I could overcome. I was not able to do anything for two weeks but sit in my recliner and cry. God broke me down to my core being and showed me how very sinful I was. The acknowledgment of my sinfulness has been a very sobering and painful experience. God has shown me that my soul had a huge tear and the time had come for Him to do spiritual surgery in me. It has been very painful but as it is said, No pain, no gain. In God's deep love and grace, healing is now manifesting in my soul and body. I praise Him and I'm thankful that He loves me enough to heal me through His divine method of healing.The good news is that I am now ready to restart the daily devotionals beginning tomorrow morning. I think that you will notice a slight change in what I will write to you. At 6:15 am you will have a new devotional waiting in your email box.

I would like to close this letter to you with the words of a gospel song we used to sing at one of the first churches I pastored forty years ago.

He washed my eyes with tears that I might see.
The broken heart I had was good for me.
He tore it all apart and looked inside.
And found it full of fear, so much foolish pride.

He swept away the things that made me blind.
And then I saw the clouds were silver lined.
And now I understand 'Twas best for me.
He washed my eyes with tears that I might see.

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