Saturday, February 17, 2018

Joy Comes When the Sick are Healed

Two months ago a friend told me about the ministry of Billy Burke and last night I watched him on the internet. He is ministering this weekend at Eagle Mountain International Church near Fort Worth, TX. Billy Burke was healed from terminal brain cancer at age nine at a Kathyrn Kuhlman crusade. He had only three days to live when the Lord healed him. Now he prays for the sick and it has done my heart so much good to watch the service last night and again this afternoon. I love to see suffering people touched by the compassion of Jesus. I have felt such joy for these precious people. I can't wait to watch the service at 7:00 pm tonight. It will be a live-streamed service at

I hope someone will read this and be able to watch too. I am so joyful at this moment. I needed this more than you could ever know. I believe healing is about to flood the earth in the coming months.


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