Friday, February 23, 2018

Flood of Revival About to Impact the Media

We need more witnesses for the Lord like this one yesterday from Kathie Lee Gifford. Thanks to Megyn Kelly for allowing her to share freely. It is past time that followers of Jesus be granted the opportunity to witness again on television without scorn and ridicule. Joy Behar, and others like her, will give an account to God on how they treated Christians who pray and believe that God speaks back to believers. I personally believe that the tables are about to turn in our nation concerning people like Behar. I pray that she will have a divine encounter with the living Jesus and that her life will be turned inside out. 

I believe God is about to turn the media upside down and a major spiritual revival will flood the airwaves of America. Let us pray for the salvation of those who persecute those who witness to their faith in the Lord.

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