Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Embracing a New Harvest Mentality (Part 2)

Already the harvest is being gathered. Now is the time to enter the harvest. In another Scripture, the fields are interpreted as the world. Jesus is saying to us that the world is ripe for harvesting. We need not wait; we need to start reaping!     

My father grew up on a farm in Hale County, Alabama. This area of the state is part of the cotton belt. When he was a boy growing up during the Depression the cotton harvest was picked by hand; there were no giant combines. He told me that when the time to harvest the cotton crop came an announcement was made at his school. This meant that classes were postponed until all of the harvesting was completed. All the children went to the fields and began picking the cotton. He said it was hard work. After the crop was harvested the children went back to school.

I have meditated on this story and believe that there is a great truth hidden in it. Today we live in a world of modern conveniences and technology. Most people never stop to think about farming. We just go about our daily lives and leave the sowing and harvesting of crops up to the farmers. It is none of our business so we do not give it much thought. So it is with many people in the body of Christ; we do not give much thought to the harvesting of eternal souls. We just leave it to the preachers and missionaries to take care of it. 

We live in a world influenced by space-age technology yet ingenuity cannot lead a soul to Christ. Computers cannot personally pray with a sinner. We still must go to the fields and bring in the harvest by hand. There are no spiritual combines that can gather the harvest of souls. This calling is hard but so rewarding! Jesus sends us to enter into the labor of those who have sown the seed of the Gospel and to gather the ripe harvest. 

For some, it will mean leaving your occupation and going to the mission field to gather the harvest. For others, it will mean purposing in your heart to share the Gospel with those you interact with on a daily basis. Others will receive a call to the preaching and teaching ministries. The end-time harvest will require something from every true believer. We cannot remain neutral when Jesus tells us to lift up our eyes and look on the fields. The time has come to be obedient to the Lord of the Harvest. 

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