Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Who Will Be My God in 2018?

I believe more than ever that God is serious about our devotion to Him. God does not want to be second or third in our priorities in this new year. He wanted first place with Israel but the people worshiped other gods. This provoked God and He continued to send His prophets to warn Israel.

Morning after morning and long into the night I kept after you, sending you all those prophets, my servants, begging you, "Please, please-don't do this, don't fool around in this loathsome gutter of gods that I hate with a passion." Jeremiah 44:4 The Message

If we put God first place in our lives in 2018 we will walk in His blessings. If our nation puts God first the nation will be blessed. Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD... Psalm 33:12  There are many gods in our country. For some people college football is like a god in their lives. They spend more money for football than they give to the Lord. It is easy for other gods to creep into our lives. I purpose to worship God first and foremost this year. The LORD God will be my God.

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