Friday, January 12, 2018

Shaken into Sending and Saying!

“I’m shaking you out of the discouragement of the last season and causing that discouragement to fall.  I’m shaking you out of your disillusion of what didn’t happen because I am getting ready to send you to people, places and into a dimension of understanding that you’ve not known. Let Me shake off the loss so that I can send you forth.  For I’m looking for a voice that has the sound of Heaven in it … a voice of faith that will begin to prophesy and speak, and to release the joy of Heaven on the earth!  I’m activating My voice in you in a way that it’s not been activated before.  I will cause My voice to rise out of your discouragement, out of your disillusionment, and out of your disinterest from the past.  You will be known as one that represents Me, as I send you into places that others would never go.  Let your voice come out of the last season so My voice of faith can be heard from you today!”  Chuck D. Pierce

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