Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Audiobook for Eastern European Pastors

When God gives us an idea then we have a choice to either act on it or sit on it. Yesterday I received a God idea for a way to plant a new ministry in eastern Europe. I knew that the Lord was leading me in the direction of eastern Europe (especially in Poland) but I was not sure what path to take. I then received the idea to sow my For Those in Dry Places: Hope for Ministers in the Wilderness book in audiobook flash drive format as a Christmas gift to eastern European pastors and leaders. The flash drives are being created and I am narrating the manuscript now. Here is how the audiobook will look 
I can give each pastor this audiobook for $5 and I believe it will make a huge spiritual difference in a pastor's life. If you would like to partner with me to sow this spiritual seed for Christmas I invite you to participate. There is a "Donation" button on this page to contribute to make this gift possible. You can send a check to Stir the Fire Ministry, 307 Kevin Way, Helena, AL 35022. Your gift is tax deductible. Thank you for your consideration. I am a minister to ministers and I desire to give to ministers this Christmas.

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