Wednesday, March 9, 2016

4:44 Significance

I am beginning to regularly see the numbers 444 again. I notice 4:44 p.m. every afternoon and also awake at 4:44 a.m. most mornings. Several others have mentioned to me that they are seeing 444 often.

Spiritually, 4 is linked to creation. We especially see this in the book of Genesis and the record of creation. 4 seasons are significant, and especially as we are experiencing the season of spring at this time. It is a time of new creation and life in nature. On Sunday, March 13th we set our clocks one hour ahead. We will spring forward.

I believe many believers will begin to experience new creation in their spiritual and natural lives. It will be a time of the creation of new opportunities, new growth, and something new. It will be time to spring forward with projects of faith. This is the time of a new creation in various areas of our society as well. Watch for God to create in the natural what has only been seen until now in the spiritual.

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