Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey Lord, Where Are We Going?

We live during a time in which change and shaking are a daily occurrence. The world is sitting on a powder keg, ready to explode at any moment. Nothing is permanent. There is no stability outside the Kingdom of God. I know that I am in the Kingdom of God, but I too am being shaken and there is much change in my life.

When I was a younger man, I saw my retirement years as a time of traveling, no money concerns, and a time to relax from my labor. The reality is that this has not happened. Retirement became boring for me. It has been a difficult time of finding contentment with my status in life. Work has always been so important to my life. My first job started while I was in the eighth grade. I remember how the football player, Brett Favre, struggled with permanent retirement from the NFL. From the time he was a boy, Brett played football. Football was all that he knew. In many ways, I can relate to his struggle.

I had a definite call from God at age 23. I have never doubted this and for the past forty-two years, I have endeavored to be faithful to the calling. Over the last two years, I have been walking along a path that goes up then down. It is much like the wilderness experience I wrote about in my book, For Those in Dry Places.

Five weeks ago, I began working at night as a medical courier. The route is 230 miles. This job has provided some extra income. My heart's desire has been to work in hospice again. I have interviewed for several open positions but was not selected. (My age might have something to do with it.) I know that I have many good years left to be a Hospice Chaplain. On Tuesday, I was interviewed, and I will know Friday if I am hired. Being a companion with those who suffer is my love.

God has always been faithful to me. I am trusting in the Lord. He is with me on my path and knows what lies ahead. My responsibility is to trust in God. When our trust is in Him then we can make it through any shaking or change.