Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Free Gift from Stir the Fire Ministry

Free gift from Stir the Fire Ministry. If you know of a pastor who may be discouraged I would love to send them the new book, For Those in Dry Places: Hope for Ministers in the Wilderness. Just send me the pastor’s name and address and I will get it to them (no strings attached). Thanks with your help in strengthening those that lead.      
J. Craig Ashcraft writes, “Yes, and I highly recommend this well written and easy to read book! When you’re walking in the wilderness, there’s nothing quite like knowing others have been there too!”
Charlene Hahn writes, “This is a very handy guide for anyone going through depression or dry places in their life not just pastors or ministers. It is that little seed of faith and hope. It gives direction through scriptures and practical advice. I thought I would read a little each day but once I started reading I could relate to so much of it I ended up reading it in one sitting. It also serves as a reminder that our pastors are people too. They make mistakes and have their own shortcomings. We are so caught up in our own struggles that we forget they not only take on ours but everyone else’s in the congregation. I know it has its rewards but it also has its burdens. This book would make a wonderful gift for any pastor you know.”

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