Monday, January 26, 2015

Someone's Trash is Someone's Treasure

I don't rummage through the trash looking for something valuable. Some people actually go to the trash landfills searching for buried treasures. I do enjoy looking for bargains at the thrift stores. I have an eye for a bargain! A friend, Joey Elmore, introduced me to this way of shopping 31 years ago. I have bought TV's, make-up mirrors, bikes, suitcases, clothes and shoes with the tags still on them. Once I purchased a yellow sport coat and found $60 in a side pocket. Price of the coat was $4. I think I got more than I bargained for! Someone's trash is someone's treasure. Someone's throwaway becomes someone's gift.

On Friday I stopped for gas and saw two dozen roses in the trash container next to the pumps. The stems were sticking out so I pulled the flowers out. The leaves were wilted and the flowers were drooping. I could see the potential that 24 roses could be revived and become a gift to my wife.

After cutting off the ends of the stems we put them in two vases filled with plant reviver water. Within four hours, the roses were almost new again. The next morning they were; buds had opened and the leaves perked up. (See the finished results in the photo above) The change was remarkable! From near death to new life.

Revivalist Barry Perez saw the photo and remarked on Facebook, "GOD took us as the world's throwaways and made us beautiful gifts to be given as blessings." He is so right. All of us are thrown-away flowers made beautiful gifts of our lives. We are blessed to be a blessing to other throwaways. (Revivalist Barry Perez's ministry info

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