Friday, January 30, 2015

Are There Prophets Today?

  Several years ago, I was asked if I believed there were still prophets like in the Bible. I answered yes. God has always had a prophet. If ever the world needed the ministry of the prophet, it is now. The Old Testament prophets usually prophesied to Israel to return to the Lord. I hear the modern-day prophets repeating the same words to our nation.

     "There is no doubt God is restoring the prophet today. There is a desperate need for the prophetic to bring clarity, balance, and understanding to the Body of Christ." Dr. Bill Hamon

     We are admonished in Scripture concerning prophecy, "Do not despise prophecies." 1Thessalonians 5:20. Don't despise (reject) what God has revealed.

     My first encounter with a modern-day prophet was in 1975 when I served on the staff of Bayshore United Methodist Church in Tampa. Pastor Robert A. Shelley flowed in the gift of prophecy and was a prophet to the Florida Conference and the entire United Methodist Church. Bayshore UMC was the
Rev. Robert A. Shelley
fastest growing church in the Florida Conference at that time. As in the Old Testament times he was shunned and criticized, but he was faithful to operate in the office of Prophet. After serving as a UMC minister for over 30 years Pastor Shelley resigned and was called to serve Christian Heritage Church in Tallahassee. When asked by the Tampa Tribune why he left the United Methodist Church he replied, "I didn't leave the Methodist Church; it left me!"

     God has, and is, raising up a company of prophets in every denominational and nondenominational faith group. Although I do not consider myself a prophet, I do preach prophetically. The way we do church is changing. God is pouring new wine into our structures. If we are flexible, our wine skins will contain the new life of the Holy Spirit. He will take us to places in the Spirit that we have never been. If our structure is not flexible, the new wine will cause the old wine skin to burst and both will be lost.

     The new book I am writing is about the personal prophecies that have been spoken over and into my life during the last 41 years. I believe in the prophetic and to see and hear the things that the Lord has prepared for us.

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